3 Quick Points about Building Your Digital Campaign

(originally posted on Thinkers & Doers blog, 1/11)

(The above slide was crafted by Cindi DeHoog, account executive at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, as part of a collaborative effort between the account teams and WE Studio D.)

1. Heartbeats over spikes: Craft your campaign as a sustained cadence of low, modest and high activity. A careful mix of the three can propel the campaign forward while conserving energy (budget) to boost ongoing momentum (and greater adoption). Think of your campaign as an EKG line of short pauses, minor drops and lifts of activity.

2. Invitations over packages: Invite your community into the campaign from the inception; open doors to inclusion and participation. Dropping a tidily wrapped program into social channels will not allow for the same longevity as campaigns that allow for interpretation, organic growth and interactivity.

3. Relinquishing over rigidity: “A tree that is unbending is easily broken.” When considering your campaigns, build in a flexibility that allows for the greatest interactivity and adjustments. Infuse the campaign with a life of its own,  and allow it to grow beyond your initial expectations.

Let me know your questions!

  • This has been such a clear sighted and helpful piece of advice for a new work project I have been working on – just wanted to say thanks. I printed this page off a few weeks back and have kept it alongside my project plan to remind me. It’s very useful, especially the notion of the mix and cadence. Thanks for posting.

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