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The Drama Hidden within PR Week’s Power 50 Data»
*July 6th, 2015

Each year since 2007 PR Week creates and posts a “Power List” of the most powerful and influential people in PR. From 2007 to 2010 the list topped at 25. From 2011 to present the list has expanded to include 50. If you gather up the lists and look at the individuals chronologically from 2007 […]

The Light Phone and the Simple Personal Network»
*May 20th, 2015

The Light Phone is an early indicator of a greater shift towards “Simply.” In this shift, however, we will not give up the feature-rich and deeply intelligent mobile devices (such as tablets and smart phones). What will happen is a smarter way to use the embedded technology within these devices, plus the power of the […]

Brand Storyteller? Here’s the pivot you should make to stay ahead of the curve.»
*January 20th, 2015

Brand storytelling is the majority now, where is the emerging opportunity? While we are deep in the era of brand storytelling, the next wave is emerging. Many of us in the storytelling profession are eagerly shifting our brands and clients away from static “push” marketing and towards the dynamic and agile verve of brand storytelling […]

The Beautiful Impact of New York City Transit Signs»
*September 24th, 2014

Growing up in and around NYC, the Subways and trains become part of a rite of passage. Taking the subway by yourself becomes a milestone, a badge of honor, in one’s pre-adolescent development. The signs and symbols which guide and direct you took on greater subliminal meaning. They became icons of the culture you were […]

Update: A New Era of Design and Nourishment»
*January 26th, 2014

We are within an overlap of two eras: Disruption Post-Disruption The Disruption era is/was so strong, that similar to the impact of Modernism on global social/global/economics, it is a “Post-” era versus a newly named one (Modernism shifted to Postmodernism). Disruption (as an era) has shaken off the emotional force of Nostalgia, specifically off the […]

Social Strategy Lessons from the Bagel Shop»
*June 2nd, 2013

The proprietor of the local bagel shop is a wise communicator. I admire and learn from his soft-style marketing and sales techniques. They can be adopted/integrated as part of a core Social Communications strategy. There is typically a long line from the front door to the back of the store. The counter to order your […]

The Rise of The Chief Brand Officer»
*April 16th, 2013

The question, “who owns social?” has become a toxic, internal struggle between the Marketing and Communications teams within many companies (and expands to include IT, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Sales). The answer is that they all own social, collectively, but most companies have yet to align their divisions and teams to work in coordination. […]


The Fire Had Long Stopped»
*March 2nd, 2017

The fire had long stopped. The trees stood pole thin. Black charcoal towers jutting slight from the ground and lancing the sky. They creaked, a faint echo of the torrid crackling fire that turned them from lush green plumes into these stilts. The ground was a powder of grey and black. I thought of the […]

Three insights from seing Fran Lebowitz last night»
*February 6th, 2016

I love what Fran Lebowitz has to say. I love the way she says it. Her story-wit brain is always on, ever-ready to pounce on a topic that strikes her. She’s a rock musician of anecdotes, she prefers a groove. She starts with a low grumble, smirking on the details of things. She builds on […]

Lew and His Abandoned House in Fountain Square»
*December 6th, 2015

For the record, Lew is a great, great friend. We no longer live near each other and I miss our time together. He is existential, ruminative, and intellectual. Conversations with Lew run the gamut, but remain anchored to solving the mysteries of “the why.” Why does this happen, and why does this other thing happen too. […]

Eulogy for Hogs and Heifers»
*July 22nd, 2015

We spent the second half of 1996 flat broke, working entry-level internships and retail gigs. We shared one enamel pan and one aluminum pot which we used daily on our two-burner hotplate. Most of the time we ate half-cooked pasta and some sort of sauce. One of my four roommates eventually got a job assisting […]

Steve, and the fish, at Half-Moon bay»
*July 18th, 2015

My friend Steve is an early-bird and a perfectionist. He measures the tops of his side-tables and cabinets to mathematically determine the ideal location for a-framed photos, cups and plates, and general keepsakes from his extensive travels around the world. His wife Rachel is the polar opposite. She sleeps late, misplaces papers, and keeps things […]

Strand Stories: Johnny Depp»
*June 23rd, 2015

Back then the cash registers at the Strand were on an elevated platform at the front of the store. The cashiers stood with their backs to a storefront-wide plate glass window on Broadway. Looking in from the street our loose heads floated above the tiered and dimly lit display of bestsellers, remainders and t-shirts. It […]

Three Sunny Days in Seattle»
*June 14th, 2015

The sun was still setting early as if it was winter, and the high grey sky paled to pewter then charcoal when the street lights flickered on. The coolness of the ground seeped up through the lush green shrubs and somehow the flowers glowed vibrant and full. I looked out of the front window of […]

Archived Favorites

The Retail Influence Story is a Flow from Pop-Ups to Pop-Ups»
*September 27th, 2012

Walking down 5th ave in my Brooklyn neighborhood last weekend I had a moment of cultural economic clarity. The cadence of the shops, of different types and at different states of retail trends, told a story. There was a clear pattern, a trend wave that meandered from “new” to “staid” to “retro” and back.  There’s one […]

Jeff Mangum, BAM, 1/19/2012»
*January 21st, 2012

Jeff Mangum has created a unique catalog of songs that resonate with a troupe of wilting-flower intellectual Americans. He keeps his songs scarce, instilling the pre-digital value of songwriters in the eras without recording devices. Bottled-up and pickled in the cold shed he cracks the jar open on seldom occasion. Each time the vinegar grows […]

Retail will be a mash-up of experience and mobile»
*October 25th, 2011

Retail will be a mash-up of experience and mobile The history of retail, particularly the mall, was born from the experience of visiting circus-tent-sized panoramas. Early in our modern era, folks would gather together to view wide-angle-scoped scenes of far away landscapes. They’d walk within them, be enveloped by the magnificence of places they couldn’t […]

‘Clovering’ to Make Sense of It All»
*May 9th, 2011

Clovering: – verb. 1. Daily (minute) layering of potential options with social groups into adaptable data (thoughts) that mitigate complex decisions into simpler ones. 2. Activity of illustrating layers of influence into a graphic (clover leaf) to both discern and organize complex thoughts into simpler data. 3. A game played through charting a clover leaf […]

Thought Marketers, Crossing the Chasm and the Cultural Terrain»
*May 9th, 2011

(This post was inspired by my conversation with Michael Roston of The New York Times. I’m deeply grateful for his insights.) I’ve been working on a diagram to anchor the digital-strategy conversations I have with clients. I wanted a map of the current landscape to reference when speaking about “why” we need to implement these strategies. […]

HuffPo Hawking: Throwing Labor into the Platatunity Fire»
*March 7th, 2011

Simon Dumenco, Chris Hedges, and others have pointed out a harsh facet of the Huffington Post (HuffPo) business model; it’s built upon writers who relinquish their labor-value in trade for a platform-opportunity (I’m calling it “Platatunity”). No, it isn’t social capital. Writing free blog posts on HuffPo is a form of advertising; it’s Craigslist, but […]

It’s not Kenneth Cole. I’m the problem. My finger points back at me.»
*February 8th, 2011

Kenneth Cole posts an awkward tweet and I cringe from his statement. Not because he said it, but because he’s telling me something about myself: I am the insensitive one, not him. I have become desensitized to the world because I am disconnected from the world around me. I am disconnected from the stuff I […]