What I do:

Creative Leadership + Innovation Design + Growth Hacking: I build transformative programs and teams for brands and organizations looking to take innovative steps forward. I bring a collaborative, “agile,” way of working that is enterprise-wide, always-on (with a focus on continuous improvement), while deeply rooted in true and measurable business goals and outcomes.

Though I have a breadth of experience my most recent projects have been within three key areas:
– “Advance” strategy: Proactively seeding and sparking brand impact with key audiences.
– Data-informed content operations: Leaning heavily on data-analysis and measurement to produce end-to-end content development from ideation to production to distribution.
– Customer advocacy: Pivoting the brand focus to put the customer at the core, to be predictive and responsive to the voice of the customer.

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients from technology through to social responsibility. Former clients include Microsoft Citizenship, The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and Verizon Wireless. I’m currently a Director in-house at Verizon leading a handful of projects from building advance advocacy and reputation, to cross-team collaboration on content strategy, to establishing core Total Experience frameworks and measurement.

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