Twitter Poem: Barn

Barn old,

the wooden sunpoled air hasn’t been hayed in ages.

Still, the quiet soothes.

In the corner,

famished spiders wrap dust like prey.

Analyzing Trends: The Pendulum

Trends swing like a pendulum, creating waves of fashion, art, culture, business, you name it…there is a cycle to trends (if not everything). In order to find, uncover and act on burgeoning innovations I visualize this cycle (as the following slides will display) and play with this visualization as a “game.” You can use almost any trend, idea, history, business for this game and see what you uncover.

Twitter Poem: Undetailed


the trees shadow- shimmer,

darker than the star dim sky.

These schoolbook pinholes,

the stillest ocean,

churn whisper, turn.