Miya of Asian Man Records

We want to stay small. We operate Asian Man Records like a family…there are no contracts, bands are free to come and go if they want. We want our bands to be happy, and we try to pick bands that we really feel a connection with. Mike started the label because he loves music, and that always comes first.

Greg Glover of The Arena Rock Recording Co

arena rock releases music we like whether it’s pre-major or post-major. superdrag was our very first release well before they went to a major. we’ve remained fans and it’s good to have them back. as far as luna…i loved their major label records and this was just a great opportunity. most of our bands have not had major record deals but if anyone is unhappy where they are then they should have another option. i guess we’re the “single boy-in-waiting”.

Sam Densmore’s Silverhawk

I think we are a song band. So that would put us in the same line as a lot of classic 60’s rock, we all grew up in the 70’s and 80’s so we were influenced by Metal, New Wave, and Punk . And of course, the 90’s were the college years so, yea, we are influenced by alternative and indie rock too.

John of the weblog Us|Against|Them

Our editorial format really hasn’t changed since inception. We’re still committed to reporting an any news, reviews, etc. and adding our own biting commentary. One of our mottos is “if we have nothing to say about it, we won’t bother with it”. We’ve expanded a bit with what we offer (features, columns, radio) but our purpose is still the same. For the record, we’ve gone through one site design.


Allen- It seems to me that the labels have been sorely remiss in getting their shit together. They should have been on this and finding a way to make it, because it’s an inevitability…

Paul – On a way to make money.


TR: What’s your south?

a place where i can disappear when i’m done, live on a farm or in a shack, raise alligators, probably somewhere in cajun country, louisiana.

TR: Have you been to Nashville? And did you like it?

Yes. and No.

TR: And if not do you plan to go?

Dear Umair,

Jelefant: why the increased bombardment of slogans? less engagement? are you on vacation?

Umair: ha. what is it that you want from me, exactly?

Jelefant:…Ok, let me start with this…

I agree with your slogans, I’m a believer in ethical capitalism. The problem I run into is how to act like the theories we believe in, even if incrementally. From your writing I gain insight into ways to convey to top-down orgs how they can begin the transformation process. Thanks for that. What’s incongruous to me is the rapid-fire leaflet dropping many of us then utilize to share our vision (status updates, posts, comments). These don’t seem to match the how we can start following our own slogans.

One ongoing missing piece is the foundation on which communities can test out these theories. Where is the capital going to come from that supports this movement?