Dear Umair,

Jelefant: why the increased bombardment of slogans? less engagement? are you on vacation?

Umair: ha. what is it that you want from me, exactly?

Jelefant:…Ok, let me start with this…

I agree with your slogans, I’m a believer in ethical capitalism. The problem I run into is how to act like the theories we believe in, even if incrementally. From your writing I gain insight into ways to convey to top-down orgs how they can begin the transformation process. Thanks for that. What’s incongruous to me is the rapid-fire leaflet dropping many of us then utilize to share our vision (status updates, posts, comments). These don’t seem to match the how we can start following our own slogans.

One ongoing missing piece is the foundation on which communities can test out these theories. Where is the capital going to come from that supports this movement?



  • hi jason,

    perhaps you’re ascribing to me too much calculation. i don’t write for an “audience”, whether on twitter, or elsewhere. mostly, i just discuss what i’m thinking about, and what i think is important.

    twitter, in particular, is like an open-source notebook for me. what you see as “slogans” are tiny nuggets of ideas i’m researching or musing on for my next book.

    if you find them interesting, that’s great. if not, cool.

    that said, i’m not sure where the “incongruity” lies. what i discuss on twitter is pretty much what i discuss on my blogs. where’s the mismatch?

    as for a foundation. i can be your guide, and your coach, and maybe, to some tiny degree, help you build an intellectual foundation – but i think only you can build your own real-world foundation.



  • Hi Umair,

    Thanks for the response.

    The point is still slippery in my own thoughts but let me try…

    If your goal is for significant change on the highest economic/corporate level does your current path lead in this direction? The incongruity isn’t within your messages, its in the path being chosen. If we (those who have in interest in social capital, ethical business, progressive networks) want to affect change, what are the best ways to do so? Is our writing posts and Tweets merely preaching to the converted? Does it build momentum in the places where the energy is needed?

    My thoughts are that we need more calculation, alignment, and coalescing. The paradox is that to do so, we might have to forgo the current communications routines we’ve used to meet each other. We use social media to find each other, but then we need to build projects, find funding, gather teams, in order to put into action the many ideas we’ve shared. I think this mechanism, the shift from ideas into action, is the hardest of them all. It’s your input on how to build these mechanisms that I seek.

    Thanks again,

    – Jason

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