Libraries are the Core to Economic Prosperity (Screencast, Pecha Kucha)

I did my best to replicate the content of my Pecha Kucha 9 presentation from May of 2010. The loose theme of the evening was focused on book & public libraries. In Indianapolis there was current debate to cut library funding. My presentation pointed out two ways which could help boost the profile and revenues of the local public library system.

Pecha Kucha 9: Libraries are the Core to Economic Prosperity from jason moriber on Vimeo.

  • Good stuff Jason. Libraries are too busy implementing “Library 2.0″ and might not think of the easy ideas you talk about. I think libraries need to redefine/change peoples perceptions of what they do, what they can provide, and what they are. My girlfriend and I always talk about how libraries should be more like a neighborhood community center, an active hub of information distribution. I think some of my classmates might disagree though.
    I like the idea of the library as the core of a community, as opposed to a Target or Walmart. What healthy and vibrant communities we would have if this were the case!
    I though you might find this interesting in relation to your presentation, maybe not?

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