Turning off the phone

It finally happened, I was waiting for this day. I called a contact at an Ad Agency and their voicemail expressed they prefer to receive an email with the reason for the call in the subject line of the email. Then they would decide whether to call the emailer back. Email as the filter for the phone. Email as a filter for the noise? Or did they migrate to social media, where their daily contacts know how to find them, and leave them a quick update or comment to keep in touch? I have their email address, and will email them, but I just had a quick question, and sometimes it takes longer to write something than to call.

Is it that the phone is being abused? Too many calls? I don’t think so. Is it that we’re all so busy doing tasks that the time allowance for speaking on the phone has become a luxury? I think that’s it.

Anyone else using this cycle of asking callers to email the reason for their calls? I’m thinking of it for ourselves but many Marketing Gurus think this is the kiss of death. But I dunno anymore. Thoughts?