I’m turning off the mainstream news

At Wise Elephant it’s part of my job to listen to small businesses, sole proprietors, and creative professionals discuss their dreams, plans and goals. People are thinking forward, finding opportunities, making it happen. New businesses are forming, current businesses are working on new strategies, and new markets are opening. From where I sit the economy is picking up, it HAS picked up, stuff is moving. I’m excitedly impressed. I’m ridding myself of the cautious optimism I’ve carried for the past year, and turning up the moxie.

Then I turn on the tube, or listen to the radio, and I hear report after report of job losses, catastrophe, and closings. Yes, it’s true, it’s horrible, and I sympathize with all those people and families in trouble, but the repetition without solution is useless. There is no reporting of the solutions! I don’t hear them on CNN or FOX, or even NPR. Where are the pundits who point to the solutions, the successes, to the hard-working people who point the way out of this recession, are making strides, gaining new business, and plowing new paths.

Tell us these stories, let us galvanize our strengths, learn from each other, and get the greater economy working again. Until then, I’m turning off the mainstream news.